Pawan Heli Services

Privacy Policy

Pawan Heli believes in providing total fulfillment to all its travelers by organizing every theme of holiday and occasion prerequisites and it comprehends that the personal subtleties provided to the company are to be remained carefully and so secure these details within the organization only. We ensure our clients that none of their personal data including your contact details, name, address, etc. are going to be leaked anyhow as we keep it under proper protection so that it won’t get shared with anyone in any sort of circumstances. Also, the motive of asking their details is just to help them in every possible way and at every step of the journey and this also helps you in your future trips (if with us) as these are already saved and you don’t get disturbed every now and then.

We also request our clients to share their personal details when you receive the prior information about it as this can make your details more secure and we fulfill our promise of providing adequate security measures to protect your individual details. We believe in keeping our words and promises made to our clients at the time of booking and when it comes to protecting your personal details then we never fail to do so and follow the appropriate standards of privacy.

Strict policies, guidelines, proper safeguards, and the latest technology add more security and privacy to the personal details of our clients.